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3 responses to “Law Library’s Question of the Week”

  1. Ian Wiebe

    The computers at the library generally meet my needs. I only use the computers to print assignments, and generally there are enough machines for this to be done without too much hassle.

    That said, the computers are aging considerably. The time lag between someone signing out and the computers being ready to sign another user in is long.

    The best improvement that could be made would be to make printing at the law library wireless so that a print request could be made from my laptop. I would still be required to use a print card to pay, but it would save time and eliminate the need to email assignments to myself.

  2. Elim

    Thanks for your comment! Actually, you can send print jobs from your laptop using the wireless connection already. See for more information.

  3. Francesca Gesualdi

    Yes, I think study group rooms would be useful. I do not consider that I myself would be a user of these rooms, however, I have seen them be effective resources when I was at Capilano. Also, you can use naming priviliges (ei: a donor may have a room named for them) as a fundraising initiative. Can you tell I am a student fundraiser at UBC’s Development Office? :-)!

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