New Books at the Law Library – 09/03/09

HD2963 .U55 2008
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Guidebook on Promoting Good Governance in Public-Private Partnerships (New York: United Nations, 2008).

E99.C88 M323 2007
Neal McLeod, Cree Narrative Memory: From Treaties to Contemporary Times (Saskatoon: Purich Pub., 2007).

K230 .N27 2009 (LC)
Ngaire Naffine, Law’s Meaning of Life: Philosophy, Religion, Darwin and the Legal Person (Oxford: Hart, 2009).

K1401 .D88 2008 (LC)
Graham Dutfield & Uma Suthersanen, Global Intellectual Property Law: Commentary And Materials (Cheltenham: E. Elgar, 2008).

K3240 .H863 2008 (LC)
Philip Alston & Euan MacDonald, eds., Human Rights, Intervention, and the Use of Force (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).

K3575.A43 C43 2008 (LC)
James Chalmers, Legal Responses to HIV and AIDS (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2008).

K4700 .E42 2008 (LC)
Victor V. Ramraj, ed., Emergencies and the Limits of Legality (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008).

K5293 .A38 2008 (LC)
Yaman Akdeniz, Internet Child Pornography and the Law: National and International Responses (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008).

KD671 .G43 2009 (LC)
Adam Gearey, Wayne Morrison & Robert Jago, The Politics of the Common Law: Perspectives, Rights, Processes, Institutions (London: Routledge-Cavendish, 2009).

KE1232 .W44 2009 (LC)
Ernest J. Weinrib, Tort Law: Cases and Materials, 3d ed. (Toronto: Emond Montgomery Publications, 2009).

KPA1304.A28 K86 1998 (LC)
Hanʼguk Nodong Yŏnʼguwŏn, Kyŏngyŏngsang haego ŭi chehan.
經營上解雇의 制限 – 한국노동연구원.
(Sŏul: Hanʼguk Nodong Yŏnʼguwŏn, 1998).
(서울 : 한국노동연구원, 1998).

KTL470 .M45 2008 (LC)
Jens Meierhenrich, The Legacies of Law: Long-Run Consequences of Legal Development in South Africa, 1652-2000 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008).

KUQ1066.3 .B39 2007 (LC)
Judit Bayer, Liability of Internet Service Providers for Third Party Content (Wellington: Victoria University of Wellington, Faculty of Law, 2007).

KZ1181 .D63 2008
Neil Boister & Robert Cryer, Documents on the Tokyo International Military Tribunal: Charter, Indictment and Judgments (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).

KZ1269 .K58 2008
Karen Knop, Diversity and Self-determination in International Law (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008).

KZ1252 .T73 2008
Joel P. Trachtman, The Economic Structure of International Law (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2008).

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