New Books at the Law Library – 14/12/01

LAW LIBRARY level 3: HJ4661 .E758 2011
Neale, Pearson, Smith, Ernst & Young’s Guide to Tax Research and Writing (Toronto: Ernst & Young & Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, 2011).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: JN515 .M33 2013
J.R. Maddicott, The Origins of the English Parliament, (London: Selden Society, 2013).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KD566 .G37 2013
George Garnett, John Selden and the Norman Conquest (London: Selden Society, 2013).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KD3930 .L475 2013
Andrew Le Sueur, Maurice Sunkin & Jo Eric Khushal Murkens, Public Law: Text, Cases, and Materials, 2d ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KDC367 .C66 2014
Thomas M. Green, ed., The Consistorial Decisions of the Commissaries of Edinburgh, 1564 to 1576/7 (Edinburgh: Stair Society, 2014).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KE350.5 .M5722 2014
Gary Mitchell, Raindance II: A Blueprint for Growing Your Practice (Toronto: Carswell, 2014).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KE352 .O84 2014
Wendy E. Oughtred, Going it Alone: A Start up Guide for the Sole Practitioner, 2d ed. (Aurora: Canada Law Book, 2014).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KEA184.O2 A43 2014
Alberta Law Reform Institute, Oaths and Affirmations (Edmonton: Alberta Law Reform Institute, 2014).
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LAW LIBRARY level 3: KNQ641 .X8 2014
XU Ting, The Revival of Private Property and Its Limits in Post-Mao China (London: Wildy, Simmonds & Hill Publishing, 2014).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KNX540 .J37 2009
Harry N. Scheiber & Laurent Mayali, eds., Japanese Family Law in Comparative Perspective (Berkeley: Robbins Collection Publications, 2009).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KZ6471 .D37 2014
Shane Darcy, Judges, Law & War: The Judicial Development of International Humanitarian Law (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014).

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