New Books at the Law Library – 08/11/24

K5121 .P457 2008 (LC)
Arie Freiberg & Karen Gelb, eds., Penal Populism, Sentencing Councils and Sentencing Policy (Sydney: Hawkins Press, 2008).

KE1232 .K56 2008 (LC)
Lewis N. Klar, Tort Law, 4th ed. (Toronto: Thomson Carswell, 2008).

KE7709 .M345 2008 (LC)
J. Timothy S. McCabe, The Honour of the Crown and its Fiduciary Duties to Aboriginal Peoples (Markham: LexisNexis, 2008).

KZ1304 .G37 2008
Richard K. Gardiner, Treaty Interpretation (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).

KZA1560 .I57 1993 (LC)
Jonathan I. Charney & Lewis M. Alexander, eds., International Maritime Boundaries (Dordrecht: M. Nijhoff, 1993-2005).

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