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Service Interruptions – Dec 24, 2008

Due to adverse weather conditions, all UBC libraries and the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre will be closing by noon, December 24th. The Law Library will be open again on January 2, 2009. Regular hours resume on Monday, January 5, 2009.

New Books at the Law Library – 08/12/15

HV8705 .L33 2008
Nicola Lacey, The Prisoners’ Dilemma: Political Economy and Punishment in Contemporary Democracies (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008).

KZ6795.I73 I73 2008
Phil Shiner & Andrew Williams, eds., The Iraq War and International Law (Oxford: Hart Pub., 2008).

New Books at the Law Library – 08/12/08

E78.C2 F544 2008
Catherine Bell & Val Napoleon, eds., First Nations Cultural Heritage and Law: Case Studies, Voices, and Perspectives (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2008).

E92 .F614 2008
Tom Flanagan, First Nations?: Second Thoughts (Montre´al: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2008).

E99.M47 I83 2008
Thomas Isaac, Me´tis Rights (Saskatoon: Native Law Centre, University of Saskatchewan, 2008).

HJ5809 .H35 2008
Suzanne I.R. Hanson & Sandra A. Bussey, Death of a Taxpayer, 9th ed. (Toronto: CCH Canadian, 2009).

HV5801 .M664 2007
Dawn Moore, Criminal Artefacts: Governing Drugs and Users (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2007).
Online access:

JV8490 .S43 2008
Melissa G. Curley & Wong Siu-Lun, eds., Migration and Securitization in Southeast Asia (London: Routledge, 2008).

K457.H43 C66 2008 (LC)
William E. Conklin, Hegel’s Laws: The Legitimacy of a Modern Legal Order (Stanford: Stanford Law Books, 2008).

K588 .B37 2008 (LC)
Thomas Garden Barnes, Shaping the Common Law: From Glanvill to Hale, 1188-1688 (Essays) (Stanford: Stanford Law Books, 2008).

K644 .R48 2006 (LC)
Rosemary Hunter, ed., Rethinking Equality Projects in Law: Feminist Challenges (Oxford: Hart Pub., 2008).

K1322 .R47 2008 (LC)
Olaf Dilling, Martin Herberg & Gerd Winter, eds., Responsible Business: Self-Governance and Law in Transnational Economic Transactions (Oxford: Hart, 2008).

K1555 .T733 2008 (LC)
Lionel Bently, Jennifer Davis & Jane C. Ginsburg, eds., Trade Marks and Brands: An Interdisciplinary Critique (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008).

K2390 .K66 2008 (LC)
Sven M.G. Koopmans, Diplomatic Dispute Settlement: The Use of Inter-state Conciliation (The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Press, 2008).

K3171 .Z65 2008 (LC)
Elisabeth Zoller, Introduction to Public Law (Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2008).

K3220 .P65 2008 (LC)
Markus D. Dubber & Mariana Valverde, eds., Police and the Liberal State (Stanford: Stanford Law Books, 2008).

K3240 .H82 2008 (LC)
Nicole LaViolette & Craig Forcese, eds., The Human Rights of Anti-Terrorism (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2008).

K3585 .S865 2008 (LC)
Hans Christian Bugge & Christina Voigt, eds., Sustainable Development in National and International Law (Groningen: Europa Law Pub., 2008).

KD612 .S53 2007 (LC)
Paul Raffield & Gary Watt, Shakespeare and the Law (Oxford: Hart Pub., 2008).

KD667.C65 L58 2008 (LC)
Ian J. Lloyd, Information Technology Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).

KD829 .M34 2008 (LC)
Ben McFarlane, The Structure of Property Law (Oxford: Hart, 2008).

KD1205 .F69 2008 (LC)
David Fox, Property Rights in Money (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).

KD1554 .L36 2008 (LC)
Charles Mitchell & Paul Mitchell, eds., Landmark Cases in the Law of Contract (Oxford: Hart Pub., 2008).

KD4080 .L45 2008 (LC)
Ian Leigh & Roger Masterman, eds., Making Rights Real: Enforcing the Human Rights Act (Oxford: Hart, 2008).

KDC436 .S36 2007 (LC)
Scottish Law Commission, Report on Sharp v. Thomson: Report on a Reference under Section 3(1)(e) of the Law Commissions Act 1965, Laid before the Scottish Parliament by the Scottish Ministers (Edinburgh: The Stationery Office, 2007).
Online access:

KE394.Z85 E88 (LC)
David H. Flaherty, ed., Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Vol. 10 (Toronto: Published for the Osgoode Society by University of Toronto Press, 2008).

KE4430 .B42 2008 (LC)
Lori G. Beaman, Defining Harm: Religious Freedom and the Limits of the Law (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2008.)

KE7709 .B53 2008 (LC)
Peggy J. Blair, Lament for a First Nation: The Williams Treaties of Southern Ontario (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2008).

KE9355 .S46325 2008 (LC)
Allan Manson, et al., Sentencing and Penal Policy in Canada: Cases, Materials, and Commentary,2d ed. (Toronto: Emond Montgomery Publications, 2008).

KEB194 .C52 2007 (LC)
Chris Clarkson, Domestic Reforms: Political Visions and Family Regulation in British Columbia, 1862-1940 (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2007).
Online access:

KF411 .S963 2008 (LC)
Symeon C. Symeonides, American Private International Law (Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer Law International, 2008).

KF3825.5 .H35 2008 (LC)
Mark A. Hall, Mary Anne Bobinski & David Orentlicher, The Law of Health Care Finance and Regulation, 2d ed. (Austin: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2008).

KF4575 .B87 2008 (LC)
Susan Burgess, The Founding Fathers, Pop Culture, and Constitutional Law: Who’s Your Daddy (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008).

KJC5144.M56 F73 2006 (LC)
A. Verstiche et al., Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities: The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities: A Useful Pan-European Instrument? (Antwerp: Intersentia, 2008).

KJE2451 .C47 2007 (LC)
Luca Cerioni, EU Corporate Law and EU Company Tax Law (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2007).

KNC309 .T73 2008 (LC)
Hideki Kanda, Kon-Sik Kim & Curtis J. Milhaupt, eds., Transforming Corporate Governance in East Asia (London: Routledge, 2008).

KNW1587 .P66 2005 (LC)
Sebastiaan Pompe, The Indonesian Supreme Court: A Study of Institutional Collapse (Ithaca,: Southeast Asia Program Publications, Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, 2005).

KUQ658.A31 1952 R484 2008 (LC)
New Zealand, Law Commission, Review of the Land Transfer Act 1952: In Conjunction with Land Information New Zealand (Wellington: Law Commission, 2008).
Online access:

KZ6275 .Z93 2008
Gentian Zyberi, The Humanitarian Face of the International Court of Justice: Its Contribution to Interpreting and Developing International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Rules and Principles (Antwerpen: Intersentia, 2008).

KZ6795.T47 M64 2008
Daniel Moeckli, Human Rights and Non-Discrimination in the ’War on Terror’ (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).

LE3 .B7 2005 A64 S55 Law Reserve
Gabrielle Anne Simm, Exotic Others: Gender and Refugee Law in Canada, Australia and the United States ([Vancouver]: University of British Columbia, 2005).

LE3 .B7 2007 A64 B37 Law Reserve
Paula Barrios, Liberal Environmentalism and the International Law of Hazardous Chemicals ([Vancouver]: University of British Columbia, 2007).

LE3 .B7 2007 A64 L32 Law Reserve
Shauna Labman, The Invisibles: An Examination of Refugee Resettlement ([Vancouver]: University of British Columbia, 2007).

LE3 .B7 2007 A64 L44 Law Reserve
Hsiang-Hui Emily Lee, Comparative Studies on the Financial Holding Company: Laws and Practices in the U.S. and Taiwan / by . ([Vancouver]: University of British Columbia, 2007).

LE3 .B7 2007 A64 S26 Law Reserve
Tracey Layne Sandgathe, Environmental Impact Assessment and the Promise of Eco-Pragmatism: A Consideration of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act ([Vancouver]: University of British Columbia, 2007).

LE3 .B7 2008 A64 I44 Law Reserve
Michael Peter Ilg, The Diversity and Evolution of Competition: An Ideal Proposed for Regulatory Design ([Vancouver]: University of British Columbia, 2008).

K1005.4 .Y523 2007 (LC)
Yi Chʻŏl-song cho, Sangpŏp chʻongchʻik, sang haengwi
商法 總則, 商 行為 / 李 哲松 著
(Sŏul Tʻŭkpyŏlsi : Pagyŏngsa, 2007).
(서울 特別市 : 博英社, 2007).

KNN40.4 .C45 2007 (LC)
Hanʼgukhak Chungang Yŏnʼguwŏn pʻyŏn, Chijŏng chogyŏk
至正條格 / 韓國學中央硏究院編.
(Sŏul-si : Hyumŏnisŭtʻŭ, 2007).
(서울시 : 휴머니스트, 2007).

KNX1040 .E527 2008 (LC)
Egashira Kenjirō, Kabushiki-gaishahō = Laws of stock corporations
株式会社法 = Laws of stock corporations / 江頭憲治郎.
江頭憲治郎, 1946-
(Tōkyō : Yūhikaku, 2008).
(東京 : 有斐閣, 2008).

KNX1040 .K376 2008 (LC)
Kanda Hideki cho, Kaishaho
会社法 / 神田秀樹著.
(Tōkyō : Kōbundō, Heisei 20 [2008]).
(東京 : 弘文堂, 平成20 [2008]).

KNX1040 .M34 2008 (LC)
Maeda Hitoshi cho, Kaishahō nyūmon
会社法入門 / 前田庸著.
(Tōkyō : Yūhikaku, 2008).
(東京 : 有斐閣, 2008).

KNX1270 .S84 2008 (LC)
Sugeno Kazuo cho, Rōdōho
労働法 / 菅野和夫著.
(Tōkyō : Kōbundō, Heisei 20 [2008]).
(東京 : 弘文堂, 平成20 [2008]).

KNX1710 .I855 2008 (LC)
Itō Makoto, Minji soshōho
民事訴訟法 / 伊藤眞.
(Tōkyō : Yūhikaku, 2008).
(東京 : 有斐閣, 2008).

KPA1710 .Y4826 2007 (LC)
Yi Si-yun cho, Sin minsa sosongpŏp
新民事訴訟法 / 李時潤著.
(Sŏul Tʻŭkpyŏlsi : Pagyŏngsa, 2006).
(서울特別市: 博英社, 2006).

KPA3127 .P35 2006 (LC)
Pak Kyun-sŏng, Ham Tʻae-sŏng, Hwanʾgyŏngpŏp
환경법 / 박 균성, 함 태성.
(Sŏul Tʻŭkpyŏlsi : Pagyŏngsa, 2006).
(서울 特別市 : 博英社, 2006).

KZ3881.T65 K54 2008
Kim Yŏng-gu, Tokto, NLL munje ŭi siljŭngjŏk chŏngchʻaek punsŏk = An Empirical analysis on Korean government’s policies managing the Dokdo and NLL issues
(Pusan Kwangyŏksi : Tasom Chʻulpʻansa, 2008).
(부산광역시 : 다솜출판사, 2008).

Kill A Watt UBC Library Project

UBC Library has teamed with the Sustainability Office in a new project to circulate Kill A Watt devices that record energy consumption of electrical equipment. By charging out the Kill A Watt, borrowers can monitor the amount of energy that appliances and other components consume. The purpose of the project is to facilitate the University’s […]

New Books at the Law Library – 08/12/01

K1370 .S27 2008 (LC)
Janis Sarra , Employee and Pension Claims During Company Insolvency: A Comparative Study of 62 Jurisdictions (Toronto: Carswell, 2008).

KE3619 .I58 2009 (LC)
Paul Muldoon et al., An Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy in Canada, (Toronto: Emond Montgomery Publications Ltd., 2009).

KE5015 .R44 2008 (LC)
Guy Régimbald., Canadian Administrative Law (Markham: LexisNexis, 2008).

Law Library Extended Exam Hours & Closures

Extended Exam Hours: The Law Library will be open regular hours through to Tuesday, December 16, except for the following days when the library has a late closing of 10:00 pm. Fridays: December 5 and 12 Sundays: November 30, December 7 and 14 For longer study hours, Koerner Library is open until 11:00 pm daily, […]


The UBC Law Library has an opening for a work study student assistant position from January 5th, 2009 – April 30th, 2009. The position is a 4-hour shift on Thursday evenings, from 6:00 pm -10:00 pm. Duties include shelving; shelf reading; picking up & straightening materials in the book stacks; some circulation desk work; providing […]

New Books at the Law Library – 08/11/24

K5121 .P457 2008 (LC)
Arie Freiberg & Karen Gelb, eds., Penal Populism, Sentencing Councils and Sentencing Policy (Sydney: Hawkins Press, 2008).

KE1232 .K56 2008 (LC)
Lewis N. Klar, Tort Law, 4th ed. (Toronto: Thomson Carswell, 2008).

KE7709 .M345 2008 (LC)
J. Timothy S. McCabe, The Honour of the Crown and its Fiduciary Duties to Aboriginal Peoples (Markham: LexisNexis, 2008).

KZ1304 .G37 2008
Richard K. Gardiner, Treaty Interpretation (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).

KZA1560 .I57 1993 (LC)
Jonathan I. Charney & Lewis M. Alexander, eds., International Maritime Boundaries (Dordrecht: M. Nijhoff, 1993-2005).

New eBook Platform Trial – eBrary

The UBC Library is currently running a trial of the eBrary eBook platform. Two collections are available through this site: eDuke (Duke UP eBooks) and Academic Complete. eDuke includes approximately 900 eBooks from Duke University Press, while Academic Complete provides access to 37,000 books across 20 subject areas from a number of publishers, including Springer. […]

New Books at the Law Library – 08/11/17

HQ281 .S44 2008
Clare Ribando Seelke & Alison Siskin, Trafficking in People (New York: Novinka Books, 2008).

K213 .A429 2008 (LC)
Larry Alexander & Emily Sherwin., Demystifying Legal Reasoning (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008).

K1401 .J36 1998 (LC)
Terri Janke, Our Culture, Our Future: Report on Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights ([Surry Hills]: Michael Frankel & Company, 1998).
Online access:

K3791 .D56 1995 (LC)
International Institute for the Unification of Private Law., Diplomatic Conference for the Adoption of the Draft UNIDROIT Convention on the International Return of Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects, Rome, 7 to 24 June 1995 – Acts and Proceedings ([Roma]: Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Dipartimento per L’Informazione e L’Editoria, [1995]).

K3966 .I564 2007 (LC)
International Institute for the Unification of Private Law, Guide to International Master Franchise Arrangements, 2d ed. (Rome: International Institute for the Unification of Private Law, 2007).

K4093.32001 .D57 2006 (LC)
International Institute for the Unification of Private Law, Governing Council, Diplomatic Conference to Adopt a Mobile Equipment Convention and an Aircraft Protocol: Acts and Proceedings (Rome: UNIDROIT, 2006).

K7350.A54 I57 2004 (LC)
International Institute for the Unification of Private Law, UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts 2004 (Rome: Unidroit, 2004).

KD56 .C37 2007 (LC)
Sir John Baker & Anthony Taussig, A Catalogue of the Legal Manuscripts of Anthony Taussig (London: Selden Society, 2007).

KDZ116.C64 I58 1996 (LC)
Inter-American Congress., Los Principios de UNIDROIT: Un Derecho Común de los Contratos Para las Américas? : Actas / Congreso Interamericano = The UNIDROIT Principles: A Common Law of Contracts for the Americas?: Acts (Roma: UNIDROIT, 1998).

KUD379.5 .Q4 2008 (LC)
Queensland Law Reform Commission, A Review of the Defence of Provocation: Discussion Paper ([Brisbane]: Law Reform Commission, 2008).
Online access:

K2261 .C45 2005 (LC)
Cho Kuk chiŭm, Wibŏp sujip chŭnggŏ paeje pŏpchʻik
위법 수집 증거 배제 법칙 / 조 국 지음
(Sŏul Tʻŭkpyŏlsi: Pagyŏngsa, 2005).
( 서울 특별시 : 博英社, 2005).

KPA440 .C46 2007 (LC)
Chʻoe Chong-go chiŭm, Pŏpchŏrhak
법철학 / 최종고 지음.
(Soul-tʻŭkpyŏlsi: Pagyŏngsa, 2007).
( 서울특별시 : 博英社, 2007).

KPA810 .K84 2003 (LC)
Kwak Yun-jik cho, Chʻaekwŏn chʻongnon
債權 總論 / 郭 潤直 著.
(Sŏul Tʻŭkpyŏlsi: Pagyŏngsa, 2003).
( 서울 特別市 : 博英社, 2003_.

KPA2000 .C46 2002 (LC)
Chʻoe, Song-hwa, Kongiknon : kongpŏpchŏk tʻamgu
公益論 : 公法的 探求 / 崔松和.
(Sŏul: Sŏul Taehakkyo Chʻulpʻanbu, 2002).
( 서울 : 서울대학교출판부, 2002).

KPA2020 .C56 2003 (LC)
Yi Chʻang-hŭi, Chang Sŭng-hwa pʻyŏnjŏ, Chŏlchʻajŏk chŏngŭi wa põp ŭi chibae
절차적 정의와 법의 지배 / 이창희, 장승화 편저.
(Sŏul: Pagyŏngsa, 2003).
( 서울특별시 : 博英社, 2003).

KZ4483 .K5665 2007
Kim Myŏng-gi cho, Tokto ŭi yŏngyukwŏn kwa Taeil Pʻyŏnghwa Choyak
독도 의 영유권 과 대일 평화 조약 / 김 명기 저.
(Inchʻŏn Kwangyŏksi: Uri Yŏngtʻo, 2007).
( 인천 광역시 : 우리 영토, 2007).

KZ4483 .T65 2007
[yŏkkŭn kot Tokto Ponbu], Maeguk choyak Han-Il ŏŏp hyŏpchŏng ŏttŏkʻe ŏpsael kŏt inʼga
매국 조약 한일 어업 협정 어떻게 없앨 것인가 / [엮은곳 독도 본부].
(Inchʻŏn Kwangyŏksi: Uri Yŏngtʻo, 2007).
( 인천 광역시 : 우리 영토, 2007).

KZ4483 .T655 2007
[yŏkun kot, Tokto Ponbu], Ŏŏp hyŏpchŏng idaero kamyŏn Tokto chukwŏn kot nŏmŏ kanda
어업 협정 이대로 가면 독도 주권 곧 넘어 간다 / 독도 본부.
(Inchʻŏn Kwangyŏksi: Uri Yŏngtʻo, 2007).
( 인천 광역시 : 우리 영토, 2007).