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New Books at the Law Library – July 4, 2006

K1322 .G65 2005 (LC) Law Society of Manitoba, Manitoba Bar Association, & University of Manitoba. Faculty of Law, Going global: advising clients doing business beyond borders ([Winnipeg: Law Society of Manitoba, 2005]). K3585 .E58 2006 (LC) Benjamin J. Richardson & Stepan Wood, eds., Environmental law for sustainability: a reader (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2006). More about […]

New Books at the Law Library – June 5, 2006

E92 .T93 2006 Dale Turner, This is not a peace pipe: towards a critical indigenous philosophy (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006). More about this: GV709.2 .D38 2005 Paulo David, Human rights in youth sport: a critical review of children’s rights in competitive sports (London: Routledge, 2005). More about this: HF1746 .H845 2005 […]

New Books at the Law Library – May 15, 2006

DU124.P64 U54 2005 Barbara Ann Hocking, ed., Unfinished constitutional business?: rethinking indigenous self-determination (Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press, 2005). More about this: E92 .C17 2005 Alan C. Cairns, First nations and the Canadian state: in search of coexistence (Kingston: Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen’s University, 2005). More about this: HM671 .P53 2006 Law Commission […]

New Books at the Law Library – May 1, 2006

HV6593.G7 P46 2005 Joanna Phoenix & Sarah Oerton, Illicit and illegal: sex, regulation, and social control (Uffculme: Willan Pub., 2005). More about this: HV6789 .C397 2005 Lynn S. Chancer, High-profile crimes: when legal cases become social causes (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005). More about this: JV6038 .M5463 2006 Anthony M. Messina & […]

New Books at the Law Library – April 18, 2006

HQ76.3.C3 F48 2004 EGALE Canada, Outlaws & inlaws: your guide to LGBT rights, same-sex relationships and Canadian law (Ottawa: EGALE Canada, 2004). More about this: JX3225 .L32 E. Lauterpacht, ed., International law, being the collected papers of Hersch Lauterpacht (Cambridge: University Press, 1970- ). K120 .D74 2005 William Drennan, Advocacy words: a thesaurus (Chicago: […]

New Books at the Law Library – April 10, 2006

AM221 .W48 2005 Kate Fitz Gibbon, ed., Who owns the past?: cultural policy, cultural property, and the law (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press in association with The American Council for Cultural Policy, 2005). More about this: E98.L3 B36 2005 Stuart Banner, How the Indians lost their land: law and power on the frontier (Cambridge: […]

New Books at the Law Library – April 3, 2006

GN666 .C4885 2005 John Chesterman, Civil rights: how indigenous Australians won formal equality (St. Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 2005). More about this: HD3613 .P37 2002 Christine Parker, The open corporation: effective self-regulation and democracy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002). Table of contents: Publisher description: More about this: HJ5809 .H35 2005 […]

New Books at the Law Library – March 27, 2006

DU423.S6 D88 2005 Mason Durie, Ng¯a tai Matat¯u = Tides of M¯aori endurance (South Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 2005). More about this: FC601.H34 G78 2005 Dennis Gruending, Emmett Hall: establishment radical (Markham: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2005). More about this: HG2040.5.C22 B7 2006 Canadian Centre for Elder Law Studies, Report on reverse mortgages (Vancouver: […]

New Books at the Law Library – March 13, 2006

BJ1249 .H79 2004 David S. Oderberg & Timothy Chappell, eds., Human values: new essays on ethics and natural law (Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004). Contributor biographical information: Publisher description: Table of contents: More about this: BV4466 .L56 2005 Randy K. Lippert, Sanctuary, sovereignty, sacrifice: Canadian sanctuary incidents, power, and law (Vancouver: UBC […]

New Books at the Law Library – March 6, 2006

E99.C88 L47 2005 Harold LeRat & Linda Ungar, Treaty promises, Indian reality : life on a reserve (Saskatoon: Purich Pub., 2005). More about this: JL65 .F67 2005 Eugene A. Forsey, How Canadians govern themselves, 6th ed. (Ottawa: Library of Parliament, Public Information Office, 2005). Online access: More about this: KA60 .N67 2005 […]

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